Hi! My name is  James P. Naughton Author, Consultant, and Coach

Like many of my contemporaries I have accumulated a lifetime of experience, however, different than most I have chosen to write and share them with the intent of helping anyone and everyone. Why?  In eight grade I was given a writing assignment to interpret the following topic. “Experience is a Dear School, but Fools Will Learn in No Other”, Benjamin Franklin. I never forgot it.

So I hope you will enjoy, be entertained and learn from hearing about my (and eventually others’) unique careers, stories, so called coincidences, job ideas and more. If appropriate pass on to your children, grandchildren and friends. The writing of others has helped me so much in my life and my careers. I humbly accept the task of returning the favor.

My Blog name is the title of my first book,  JUMP IN AND START SWIMMING (Amazon.com)

Projects I am working on, that may be of interest:

“HOW TO LIVE FOREVER”- For Baby Boomers.

“Helping our children, grandchildren,  Discover what they want and can do in life with regards to earning a living, Statistics show that 42% do not have a clue , even after graduating from college”.  Not good!

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2 .For those of you who purchased my childhood, “stand by me”, true story-“WHATEVER HAPPENED TO THE PECORDS?” I finally will be able to release some updates on that ongoing mystery, thanks to the hard work of some of my classmates.

3. For those who sign up, I will also be putting up a button, directions, i.e. to get a newspaper Article I wrote for The East Hartford,CT, Gazette, discussing what I refer to as my “Forrest Gump” adventures in Woodstock ’69

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